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 Surgical Services

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Partners in Designing Process and Flow
Our clinical strategists will help you design systems that manage the flow of supplies throughout the surgery department efficiently and reduce inventory and tracking time.
Efficient Flow of Supplies
Whether you use an exchange or replenishment system, our carts and lockers improve supply organization for quick and easy visual identification and restocking. And that means staff can spend less time gathering items and more time caring for patients.
Improved Work Processes
Surgical supplies processing can be more efficient with electronically operated, height-adjustable tables large enough for two people. Each person has direct access to storage under the surface. Drawer sizes can fit both large and small surgical supplies.
Organize Efficiently
From surgical supply processing to the clean core, our line of mobile carts and lockers centrally stores supplies adjacent to ORs. Interchangeable components mean that supplies can be stocked and transferred efficiently.
Flexible and Accessible
Control stations created with modular components form a home base for information and communication. Systems products organize the cables and wires from highly computerized work areas. Adjustable surfaces and storage adapt to varying sizes of equipment and monitors.
Fit the Requirement
Carts and lockers provide easy access to materials in drawers, shelves, and containers that can be arranged and quickly rearranged for specific OR requirements.
Detailed Product Information
Co/Struc System Ethospace Nurses' Station Procedure / Supply Carts

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