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Lasting Value
Our modular pharmacy applications stretch your initial investment. New technologies and processes can be integrated with little effort or expense, as you reconfigure the same components. Even when medication administration changes, your modular pharmacy won't miss a beat. A selection of materials, including wood-grain laminates, patterns, and accent colors add style to an environment your employees want to work in.
Adjust for Function
Panel-attached components adjust in one-inch increments, connect easily, and can be readjusted without disassembling panels. Panel configuration and height options give you alternatives for layouts that meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Supplement existing panels as needed without starting over.
Efficient Work Patterns
Reducing medication errors requires pharmacies to continuously improve processes and technologies. That often involves reconfiguring the lab furnishings to follow lean principles. Flexible products will work in your favor as you create more efficient and error-reducing patterns of work.
Address Specific Processes
Heavy-duty process tables are height adjustable, mobile, and provide under-surface storage. Medication carts store and transport materials; drawers and bins are interchangeable with pharmacy storage components. Stainless steel tables and wire carts, in a variety of sizes, meet clean room regulations.
Organize for Accuracy
Storage options are plentiful, both above and below the work surface, and keep surfaces clear and items close at hand. Storage and transport carts can be configured to work exactly the way you need them to. High-density shelving helps organize in central and satellite pharmacies.
Manage Technology and Equipment
Cables and wires routed through panels and accessible at multiple points makes adding and moving equipment easier, eliminates tear-down and disruption, and keeps cables and wires out of the way. A wire chase rail attaches to panels for use in technology-intensive areas.
Dependable Cleanliness
Our products are designed for easy, thorough, and frequent cleaning. Durable thermoplastics resist chipping and scratching and keep up appearances over time.
Furnish Your Pharmacy—and More
Our clinical and administrative portfolio furnishes areas within and adjacent to your central pharmacy. Choose tables, seating, and casework for conference or break areas; office products for staff and order entry areas; and seating and storage—in colors and materials that fit with pharmacy applications.
Detailed Product Information
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