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Emphasis on Ergonomic Design
Create a comfortable, healthful work environment for your radiologists. Ergonomically considered work environments and highly adjustable products can improve comfort and productivity. And help influence the recruitment and retention of a valued radiology staff.
Sensible Work Processes
120-degree work surfaces form a cockpit that places the radiologist in control and supports viewing multiple monitors or consulting with a co-worker. Non-reflective work surfaces reduce eye strain. Adjustment, size, and edge options fit the workstation to the radiologist.
Operational Flexibility
Functionality and operational efficiency are supported by modular solution, which can be reconfigured as work styles, staff levels, or equipment change. Collaborative and individual work areas can be created with a single product line or a mix of aesthetically compatible products.
Comfortable Seating
Herman Miller is the leader in ergonomic seating, and our products reflect the latest knowledge of seating science and design. Our work chairs give you the means for easily fitting your chair to your body size, surface height, or personal preference.
Easy Adjustments
Our products are designed with user control in mind. To help ease visual fatigue and eyestrain, readers can position rolling screens to diffuse light and reduce reflection. Adjustable monitor arms and surfaces let readers easily change viewing angles and work surface height.
Efficient Organization
Technicians need the right supplies and equipment organized and at hand in imaging rooms. A broad offering of modular and secure storage and transport carts enhance the efficiency of your staff. Other imaging room furnishings include our modular casework, stools, and guest chairs.
Detailed Product Information
Casework Co-Struc Ethospace Nurses' Station
Procedures / Supply Carts Resolve System  

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