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 Critical Care

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Visual Connections
Constantly monitoring and connecting to patients and staff is key in critical care areas. Full-height modular walls with lots of windows keep staff in the support core connected to patient areas. Modular walls can be efficiently reconfigured without the mess and disruption of architectural wall.
Efficient Work Processes
The critical care environment is fast-paced. Patient acuity is high and speed is essential. Unit layouts that force caregivers to travel a distance to see patients or retrieve supplies add stress and waste. Open environments allow caregivers to easily navigate throughout the unit and reduce travel time. They also encourage mentoring and collaboration.
Mobile and Modular Carts
Procedure and supply carts bring mobile and functional performance to critical care areas. Crash carts and other specialty carts, as well as supply and equipment carts, keep essential tools close to the patient and caregiver. Interchangeable components make restocking a quick process.
Healthful and Comfortable Seating
Ergonomically designed stools and task chairs provide healthful support, whether sitting for extended periods or briefly to record patient information. Adjustments give caregivers a means to fine-tune the chair to their sizes and comfort levels.
Meeting and Break Areas
Offer an enclosed space for team meetings or breaks while still keeping staff close and visually connected to patient areas. Our casework products and a variety of tables and chairs furnish hospitality and meeting spaces for staff and guests.
Flexible Workstations
Keep decentralized work stations efficient, adaptable, flexible, and responsive to change. Options for monitor placement and viewing; ready access to information, supplies, and staff; and visibility to patients. Work tools and storage components help keep workstations organized and functional.
Spaces for Concentration
Recording information, checking emails, returning calls, or researching are processes best supported by dedicated work areas equipped with the necessary technology and equipment. The right combination of storage, work area, and lighting, along with a good task chair, creates an effective and comfortable space for focused work.
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