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 Ambulatory Care

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Whether its own freestanding facility, a single service or multi-service center, or part of a larger acute care facility, any ambulatory care center will always be a complete front door to back door operation. Its furnishings must work throughout. Our broad portfolio outfits the clinical, administrative, and public spaces in any type of center.
Resourceful Solutions:
Ambulatory care centers are volume sensitive, and designing a center that can adapt to changes in patient numbers and types of treatments makes good sense. Our modular products can be expanded, contracted, redeployed, and rearranged—keeping pace with the changes in your center.
Appropriate Scale:
Reimbursement dollars are shrinking and demand for efficiently built and run ambulatory care centers is growing. Good design, flexible layouts and furnishings, and comfortable settings also need to be cost-effective.
Patient and Family Friendliness:
Ambulatory care centers need to include touches of home, places for families to mingle and relax, and, above all, comfort for everyone involved. Our Brandrud portfolio provides seating for waiting, lounge, and patient room spaces. Casework and tables and chairs create hospitality areas.
Work Space:
Design work spaces for administrative staff as well as physicians in ways that provide concentration and collaboration. Levels of privacy, ample technology, and efficient layouts help the research, documenting, and record keeping that's an ongoing part of the center.
A Signature Experience:
Make a statement about the level of customer service your ambulatory care center delivers. Create a perception the minute your customer calls or visits. Freestanding ambulatory centers compete for recognition and customers. The design and experience you provide helps to create your signature.
Visual Connections:
Ambulatory care centers can visually connect to a larger facility. A common design language, including wayfinding and signage devices, creates a red thread through the entire healthcare facility. You'll create a familiar experience for patients and families, and better use your inventory of furniture.
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