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About Us

Facility Resources was founded in 1999. It is an incorporated company providing modular furniture and related services to the Corporate, Healthcare and Higher Education sectors. Our goal is to help our customers develop sustainable and adaptable work environments.

We realize that companies need to leverage their most valuable assets; people, technology, and real estate, in order to remain competitive and increase profits. We also understand that corporate culture is crucial to a vibrant organization.
Products and Services:
Facility Resources supplies modular furniture and modular case goods to Corporate Healthcare and Education environments. Our main supplier is Herman Miller.

Herman Miller has been manufacturing furniture since 1923. Focused on Research and Development into how people work, heal, and learn Herman Miller is a leader in design and manufacturer of products for these markets.

If you are not familiar with Herman Miller we would encourage you to click on the link below to learn more about this extraordinary company. www.HermanMiller.com

We also represent many other products lines that offer similar value. We support the planning, installation, and maintenance of these solutions through design services, installation, project management, inventory control, and warranty/maintenance.
Human Resources:
Facility Resources staff include Designers Account Managers, Project Managers and Installers.

Individually all of Facility Resources staff is knowledgeable, effective and efficient. As a team we bring out the best in each other. When our group is integrated with our customer’s team, projects are completed in a timely, professional manner with exceptional results. We enjoy our work and hope to pass this on to everyone involved in projects we work on together. These are our goals on every project.

Above all else, Facility Resources values relationships. The only way to reach these goals is to continue to garner the support of our existing and new clients. Throughout this process we all develop relationships that last longer than business deals. These develop into friendships and make our work worthwhile and fun.
Facility Resources owns a 5500 square foot facility in North West London. This facility provides a working display of many of the products we recommend to our clients. There is a Healthcare and Corporate display as well as receiving and storage facilities all at the same location.



Facility Resources
"Helping our clients leverage their most valuable assets; people, place, and technology through sustainable design"
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